We are trying something different!  Up until last week, our cupcakes were baked upon order… larger quantities, for big and small events or corporate contracts.  We had a large amount of requests for wanting to purchase 1 or 2 flavours – which is totally understandable, but impossible for us to accommodate at this time.  Last week, we decided to offer a sample pack of 4 cupcakes… and it was a HUGE success!  There was an awesome response and even more awesome was the feedback.  We did a second sample pack sale (yesterday), and that too, was successful.  This is looking like it will turn into a weekly or bi-weekly cupcake habit.  🙂

How it works:

Each sample pack will include a variety of 2-4 featured flavours.  Choose either a 4 pack for $10 or a dozen for $25.  The quantity of each flavour will vary – but for the most part, each flavour will be distributed equally.

To let people know about each sample pack sale, we will advertise it here, on our Facebook page as well as on Twitter.  🙂  So be sure to connect with us on one of these social media sites to stay informed.



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