Cupcakes and Clippo!

A few years ago, I met Alexandria (owner of Clippopotamus) at a trade show in Durham.  We had neighbouring booths and we were able to chat for a bit in between trade show chaos.  She is totally awesome and inspiring as a fellow entrepreneur.  Since then, we lost touch… as the two of us worked steadily on our brands, and at the same time being the matriarch of our young and growing families.

With the explosion of social networking, we were able to connect again – and in perfect timing.  Clippopotamus aka Clippo was being reborn with a new website layout, new logo and new products!  On our end, we were in the midst of launching a new flavour menu and establishing ‘Cupcake Friday’.  Super exciting for both of us!

On October 2nd, Alexandria and the Clippopotamus Family held their first Clippo Family Photo Day.  Unfortunately, we were unable to be there – BUT, our cupcakes just HAD to make an appearance.  We sent over 3 dozen of our best selling flavours for our friends: Vanilla Beanie, Cocoa Beanie and Velvety Red.

We hope everyone enjoyed!

Don’t forget to check out Clippopotamus online, Facebook and Twitter for ‘Cool Clips with a Fierce Bite.’


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