The Cupcakes are Coming!

…to York Region, that is.

We are SO pleased to announce that The Cupcake Place has partnered up with Cubbii Market in Unionville – just north of Markham, Ontario.  The Cubbii Market is a boutique retail store and café with a modern concept and design.

Our cupcakes and lollipops will be available at the Cubbii Market starting the week of November 15th.  If you are thinking of heading down to check it out, you can always email us at info [at] thecupcakeplace [dot] ca to double check what flavours are there.

Payment options are cash, interac, Mastercard or Visa.

Cubbii Market
10-33 The Bridle Trail
Markham, ON, L3R 4E7
905 752 2009
A huge thank you to Divercity Consultants for helping make this happen!  xoxo


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