Can you tell me how to get…

how to get to… Sesame Street!

…it’s the whole gang – okay, maybe not the WHOLE gang but the characters that get the most glory.  LOL.  The Count isn’t here – maybe I’ll do him next time… and Snuffleupagus – but he’s never around anyways so… maybe next time for him, too.

Big Bird is my fave…

…and Oscar the Grouch of course.

…definitely could not go without Elmo.

…and Bert –

…without Ernie would just be wrong.

…and Cookie Monster is just too cute – nom nom nom!

I didn’t get a close up of Grover… =(  I’ll have to catch him next time.

Ta da!  Nothing like Sesame Street to make you feel young-ER again.  *sigh.

These Coco Loco  à la Sesame Street were for Zayn’s 1st Birthday!  Happy Birthday Zayn!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ TCP


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