Our Movember Promise

If you know us, you know that we are always involved in some kind of humanitarian initiative.  Spreading awareness on crucial issues is important to us and once we are committed to a movement, we get the word out as much as we possibly can – and get right into it!  =)

Now that we are official Movember activists (even our logo has been branded with the infamous moustachio), our personal promise is to submit 1 blog post per day that is somehow Movember related.  Why is this important to us?  …because it hits close to home (we have had a few members of our family diagnosed with prostate cancer)… it is the right thing to do – and we like to think we’re good at it.

On top of our daily blogging, we have the MoCupcake Challenge happening too – and for every box of 12 ‘Monday Night Football Baby BOOYAH‘ cupcakes sold, we will donate $5.00 directly to the Movember movement.

Okay.  So this is it.  The rest of Movember… I mean November, is dedicated to spreading awareness and helping raise funds for prostate cancer research and changing the face of men’s health.  Let’s go!

Every man deserves a little bit of luxury…

Rate our cupcake here.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ TCP


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