Positive actions – no matter what they are, have a way of bringing people together. The feeling of solidarity is like no other and it is amazing to know that we are never alone.

Since The Cupcake Place has become official Movember activists, we have met some amazing people and have heard super inspiring stories.  We also have been able to reconnect with old friends – and ‘do-ers of good’.

We met the beautiful ladies of earlier this year while working on other initiatives and are SO inspired by their commitment to make people aware of social justice and human rights issues.  They are truly amazing and we are honoured to have them on our Movember Team!  Yes, that’s right.  Team thinkGood is on the Movember train!

Throughout the rest of November, we will have some awesome giveaways from  Stay tuned!

Read their post about Movember and MoCupcakes here.

Rate our cupcake here.


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