Why Movember?

In all honesty, we did not know what we were getting into when we accepted the Movember MoCupcake Challenge – we didn’t realize how much more we would learn… how many new people we would meet… or how much support our campaign would get.  The experience has been phenomenal.

We have always been involved in spreading awareness on humanitarian and social justice issues – but more and more, we find ourselves diving into health movements too.  Today, we wondered why – and this is what we came up with:

1.  Education is key.  We HIGHLY believe in education and making conscious and educated decisions can make huge differences.  A good friend recently reminded me of the saying, ‘Each one, teach one’ – we should all take that stance.

2.  Support.  With the growing number of health concerns, more and more people are affected by them.  It is not only the primary or immediate individual dealing with these issues and who need support, but also the secondary and tertiary individuals; friends and families – that need support as well.  We are never alone.

With regards to Movember in particular, this one hits close to home.  This time, it’s personal.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Peace, Love and Cupcakes


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