Today (Gone till Movember)!

Today is a BIG day.  Today marks the last day of the global Movember Campaign… until next Movember, that is.

Today is the day after the Facebook Movember MoParty.  It was our first ever online event… and it was awesome.  We had great people come out and contribute their thoughts in a positive and supportive environment – and of course, everyone who participated is entered into our draws for prizes from our awesome sponsors!  After it all, we heard SO much heartwarming feedback… and we were reminded why we committed to this movement in the first place.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

A huge shout out also to Divercity Consultants for their consulting and kre8shun design for their fabulous graphic designing >> these were the people behind the scenes that helped make the clock tick.

See here.  and here.  and here too.

Today the Movember MoCupcakes Challenge comes to an end… well – the first round will come to an end tonight at Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters, 96 Spadina Avenue in Toronto.  For the past month or so, bakers across Canada have been competing with their manliest cupcake concoctions.  They ALL want the title: ‘The World’s Manliest Cupcake’.  The online chapter will come to a close as judges scrutinize the masculinity of each mancake from every angle possible.  Very exciting, this is (*Master Yoda voice).

If you haven’t seen what MoCupcakes is about yet, click here.  Today is the last day, so be sure to cast your votes.

Since we’ll be out late tonight, I wanted to make sure that I posted one last time for Movember actually IN November.  As I said before, we really didn’t know what we were getting into at first… and with such a short time span to plan things out, we weren’t sure how ‘successful’ we’d be either.  Turns out that we have a phenomenal group of supporters – who without, our Movember Campaign would have been a sure flop.  Thank you to everyone who supported the movement.   We have also made some wonderful friends and have heard some heartwarming stories.  We are truly never alone.

I just wanted to share my final post at the MoParty last night responding to why Movember is important to me:

…until next Movember –

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Peace, Love and Cupcakes


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