Monday Night Reigns on Tuesday Evening

We are thrilled over here at The Cupcake Place because our Movember MoCupcake submission, ‘Monday Night Football Baby BOOYAH’ took first place last night at the MoCupcake event.  Monday Night reigned/rained on Tuesday evening.  Get it?  lol…

It was a great event, at a fabulous new venue, filled with wonderful people – all for a good cause.  It couldn’t get better than that – the rain wasn’t about to shut down the MoCupcake parade that’s for sure!  =)

After driving through the rain and rush hour traffic for about an hour, we finally made it to Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters (a chic and cozy new café on Spadina between King and Adelaide).  The café was already at capacity with Mo-goers supporting the cause and eagerly waiting to have their fill on cupcakes!

Here’s a glimpse of what happened if you missed out…

This was the perfect photo opportunity.  – and I swear I never set it up.  =)

…this was a shot of some of the cupcakes waiting to be demolished:

…and how cute are these cupcakes?  These ones are called For My Mo Fo’s by Kate Robb.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to formally meet – but I did meet her awesome cupcakes!  =)

The moment that everyone was waiting for… Bon apetit!

…I’m not going to lie.  It was pretty intense – but the judges were ALL super nice.

Here is one of the judges, Sandra Brunner / @wallabina

…the guys at @senseappeal were fantastic.  Coffee was on the house ALL night!  They were fabulous hosts.  This is Sameer taking his judging VERY seriously.  That is Rob in the background.  Both super nice gentlemen.

…and judge Michael Nus / @michaelnus with Kate’s, ‘For My Mo Fo’s’

This is Diana Pronosher / @pronosher.  She is such a sweet woman!  …and now we’re Twitter friends!

…the beautiful ladies that were in my corner: melizod, @kathleencruz21 and @samanthaaman – LOVE them!

…and OMG of @actsofsweetness girls were there!  – complete with the Redpath truck.  I SO wanted a picture next to it… but didn’t get one.  =(  Savannah and Janet are awesome!  LOVE them, too!

I also got to meet THE Katia Miller / @katiamiller – wow.  I won’t lie.  I kind of felt like a groupie… She is awesome.

…the amazing duo behind the MoCupcakes event.  Sean M. / @seanmoffitt and Nadia R. / @mocupcakes – they did a superb job!  ~ and yes, we are all looking at different cameras!  haha…

…and that was it for MoCupcakes Toronto.

Can ‘Monday Night Football Baby BOOYAH’ take the National title?  We’ll see… the winner will be announced next week!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Peace, Love and Cupcakes


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