Movember MoParty: The Winners Circle

Okay.  So we have good news and bad news.  The good news is that we went live at about 10 minutes after 7… selected and announced the winners as planned!  Yay, right?  Well… the bad news is really for us – because we didn’t ‘record’… we really wanted this to be the first of many, and be one of those videos that we always go back to.  We just ‘broadcasted’.  So the only people who saw it were the ones who saw it live.  It was our first time EVER using Ustream, so it was pretty good for first time users…  I guess.  Hopefully there will be another opportunity for us to use Ustream and we promise we’ll have it down the next time around.  =)

SO… here are the winners!  Thank you all for participating.  I hope that everyone had a great time and was able to take something from the experience.  We will be sending out messages to contact you… so keep your eyes peeled for a FB message.  =)


PRIZE 1: Me To We shirt + Big It Up hat  WINNER: Queenie M.

PRIZE 2: Boston Pizza Gift Certificate ($25)  WINNER: Jonathon B.

PRIZE 3: 1 LOVE TO shirt  WINNER: Liz G.

PRIZE 4: autographed DRAKE CD  WINNER: Devente

PRIZE 5: FLOW 93.5 Prize Pack  WINNER: Anisa T.

PRIZE 6: think Good shirt  WINNER: Queenie M.

PRIZE 7: 1 LOVE TO shirt + Big It Up hat  WINNER: Lorraine L.

PRIZE 8: The One Clothing tee shirt + Big It Up hat  WINNER: Liz G.

PRIZE 9: East Side Mario’s – Front Street – Gift Certicate ($40)  WINNER: Anisa T.

PRIZE 10: Me To We Movember shirt + Big It Up hat  WINNER: Natoma H.

PRIZE 11: 1 LOVE TO shirt  WINNER: Jeanette K.

PRIZE 12: Regal Durham Gift Certificate ($30): WINNER: Andrea M.

PRIZE 13: autographed DRAKE CD  WINNER: Anisa T.

PRIZE 14: Me To We shirt  + Big It Up hat  WINNER: Catherine W.

PRIZE 15: Once Upon A Child Gift Certificate ($40)  WINNER: Richard F.

PRIZE 16: The Keg – West Mall – Gift Certificate ($75)  WINNER: Kathy S.

PRIZE 17: Me To We shirt + Big It Up hat  WINNER: Natoma H.

PRIZE 18: 1 LOVE TO shirt  WINNER:  Shanaiyah S.

PRIZE 19: autographed shoes from Dwayne DeRosario  WINNER: Shanaiyah S.

PRIZE 20: think Good shirt  WINNER: Queenie M.

PRIZE 21: Heeling Soul in home pedicure  WINNER: Jonathon B.

PRIZE 22: East Side Mario’s Warden $50  WINNER: Richard F.

PRIZE 23: signed DRAKE CD  WINNER: Colin Zavitz


Another HUGE thank you to our sponsors who donated their time, money and product to make this event successful.  =)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Peace, Love and Cupcakes


4 thoughts on “Movember MoParty: The Winners Circle

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