Cupcakes Take the Cake!

We just wanted to take a moment and pause for a sec… to bask in the glory of being listed on THE cupcake blog of all cupcake blogs: Cupcakes Take the Cake.  We have been listed for quite some time, but never really stopped to think about how awesome it is to be on their front page – along with some other great blogs and cupcake brands.

Anyone who knows cupcakes knows about this blog… and it is thanks to the wonderful ladies of CTTC that the cute and creative world of cupcakes is further spread all over cyberspace!  =)  So, from our ‘cupcake place’, to yours: thank you Rachel, Nichelle and Stacie et al.

Today, it is YOU that gets featured in OUR blog!  =)

You can also find Cupcakes Take the Cake on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram: @cupcakestakethecake.

CTTC has blogged about us in the past.  Read The Cupcake Place features on Cupcakes Take the Cake – here, here and here!  =)