Can’t believe that two years have passed since our Movember challenge.  Remember this?  …and this?  …how about this?  Okay, what about this?  …or this?  You get the point.  – and I think we were just successful in making the word ‘this’ look and sound really weird.

Since then, ‘Monday Night Football Baby, BOOYAH!’ has been one of our most sought after cupcake flavours!  We are definitely proud of our special concoction – but what we are more proud of are the funds that we raised for Movember – and most importantly… the AWARENESS.  Knowing is MORE than half the battle (sorry GI Joe) – and it is far more efficient to do our best to be pro active before the fact than it is to be pro active after the fact.  😉  Of course, we also made some really great friends throughout that campaign, too!  You know who you are!  =)

Monday Night Football Baby, BOOYAH!

Chocolate guinness cake with a manly mound of cream cheese icing, sprinkled with crushed pretzels and bacon bits then drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce… a handmade chocolate stache and pretzel stick tops it off for good measure!


A portion of MNFBB cupcakes will be donated to the Movember movement for the month of November!