Mighty Molars!

It might have been ironic to bring cupcakes to a dentist office, but the best way we know how to show appreciation is to show up with a box of cupcakes!  If they are Velvety Reds, you know you’re special – and if they are custom, well… you are just plain irreplaceable!


This is the case with Dr. Rubinoff and his team!  I am VERY particular about the health care providers I go to for my children, and it took me over ten years to find this gem of a dental practice.  We absolutely love Dr. ‘B’, Dr. ‘Matt’ and all of the staff.  It has become a ‘treat’ to go to the dentist.  Can you imagine?  We travel from Durham to Vaughn for appointments – so you know we aren’t pulling your teeth leg!

I can go on about how professional, gentle, considerate and caring both Dr. B and Dr. Matt are – but you would have to experience their care to truly appreciate the value of their work ethic.  And the staff?  Well – they are reflections of the dentists that they work for.  Hands down, the BEST children’s dental practice in ALL of Toronto!  I am so impressed every time we go that I felt it was time to spread the news!

Just for the record, we practice and encourage Safe Cupcaking which includes: ensuring no frosting is dropped on floor/clothing/tables (though it is acceptable to save some for later on tips of noses, sides of lips, cheeks and chins), having a glass of milk or water at arm’s reach, indulging in moderation, and exercising proper brushing and flossing techniques after cupcake consumption!  =)

Dr. Rubinoff's Mighty Molars

Some of a few of our favourite people from Dr. B’s office – left to right: Susie, Dr. Matt, Lisa, Dr. B, Rachel and Dana.

Learn more about Rubinoff’s Mighty Molars here.  They’re kind of like our Velvety Reds – try ’em and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

“Are these cupcakes sugar free?” ~ Dr. Barry Rubinoff